Why use a Family Mediator?

• Family mediators can assist in reducing conflict and empower both parties to reach an agreement through discussion.

Mediation can cut the emotional cost of divorce or separation by reducing hostility between the parties.

• Family mediators often speed the whole process up – and give the parties control over timescales and can limit correspondence between solicitors which in some cases can increase costs.

Family Mediation allows the parties to discuss issues that are important to them and in this way the mediation can be tailored to the individual couple. Mediation can cover all issues arising out of the separation including finances and children and can be limited to one specific issue eg agreeing a schedule of contact arrangements or agreeing financial provision on an interim basis.

• Just one type of lawyer is able to act for both parties in any family dispute – the specially trained ‘lawyer mediator’. There can be significant advantages in appointing such mediators as they have both specialist legal knowledge and mediation skills. As a result there is no need for two sets of lawyers. Much of the legal work can be done by just one lawyer mediator at the same time, significantly reducing legal fees.

• Because mediation keeps couples talking, it can have a hugely positive effect on children who benefit simply from knowing their parents are working together to sort things out.

• Mediation encourages couples to work out their own solutions, leading to the best outcome for everyone involved.

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