We are Bonallack and Bishop – solicitors working in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and the Midlands, who specialise in family law and divorce. Our team are particularly aware of how stressful and emotional any issue arising out of the breakdown of a marriage or relationship can be, and strive to assist both parties in minimising conflict where possible. We are huge fans of both family mediation and collaborative law and believe, that for the many people these two approaches suit, it offers them the best chance of resolving any family law problems swiftly and with dignity – while significantly reducing any levels of argument and bitterness. It works particularly well when children are involved because they, above all, need to be kept safe from the emotional harm caused by experiences of parents arguing bitterly.

Why our Family Mediators and Collaborative Lawyers can help you

• Our team are family law specialists – that’s the only kind of law they practice.

• Not only are both of our Family Mediators also highly experienced family lawyers – they have both also been trained and accredited in Collaborative Law and therefore have the added expertise and skill this brings

• As specialist family lawyers, our Family Mediators are aware of the decisions likely to be made at court and the factors any Court needs to consider. This enables them to help you to achieve a fair and practical settlement which is tailored to your individual case.

• We have particular experience in cases involving financial issues including but not limited to cases of high net worth, cases involving businesses and cases involving pensions.

• Our Collaborative Lawyers have good working relationships with other local Collaborative Lawyers. Whilst always putting your interests first, this is an important factor in enabling all four parties to work together to achieve a good outcome in any Collaborative Law divorce.

Do I need a jointly qualified Family Mediator/Lawyer?

Choosing a mediator who is both an experienced and qualified family lawyer and a mediator is really important. This is because your mediator needs an in-depth understanding of family law as well as accreditation as a mediator. The only way to guarantee this is to choose a jointly qualified family lawyer/mediator.

Both of our family mediators are also experienced family lawyers  – who know all too well the stress and expense associated with court proceedings and are dedicated to using family mediation to find effective solutions for families.

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